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Congratulations! You're

An "ACTIVE" eXp Agent! 

Now that you are ACTIVE with eXp Realty, we need to let the world know! Please send the following items to your sponsoring agent so they can introduce you to the world!

  • ​Headshot/ Photo - Send a few fun/professional photos to choose from

  • "​Your story" - We will use your story to introduce you, so have fun with it!  Who are you? Were did you come from ( location, past careers, anything)? Why did you choose eXp Realty?


Weekly #teamgogo Training

EVERY Wednesday @ 1:00 P.M. EST is our #teamgogo Weekly Training.

You can join us on the Zoom call:

or watch it via LIVE STREAM on 

the #teamgogo Facebook group.
*if you cannot make the training, you can always find the recorded version in the #teamgogo Facebook group.

Notebook and Pen

Facebook Groups

To make sure you are aware of additional training, resources, and live events, make sure you've joined our private Facebook groups, if you haven't joined yet, send an email to your sponsor to send you the invitation.​

Honey Badger Nation
Fast Forward Movement

*It is the sponsors' responsibility to invite agents in their downline to the above Facebook groups. 

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Access to 
Gogo's Bootcamp

  • Click the button below to create your Gogo's Bootcamp account (normally $999)

  • ​Text or email Kristy ( the email address you used to create your membership and request your access to the Bootcamp.

**The link above is a secret link that gives free access to Gogo's Bootcamp. DO NOT share this link or button with anyone who has not joined eXp with you as their sponsor. We monitor the sign-ups and will boot anyone who is not on our eXp team**

NAEA Expert Advisor Certification

  • Please email, introduce yourself (First name, Last name and email address) explain who's downline you are in and they will give you access.

Mastering KVCORE

I came accross this course in Workplace & got absolute value with 'The Fast Start Series'. It is designed specifically for new agents. The Fast Start Series empowers our new agents to master the fundamentals quickly to help them launch their business within their first two weeks at eXp. The Series is comprised of 14 courses over two weeks.


*This course is OPTIONAL and a paid membership you may be cancel at any time... 

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My Favorite Real Estate Podcasts

  • Douglas Elliman - yep

  • Bigger Pockets 

  • ​Talking New York Real Estat with Vince Rocco

  • RworldTalk - South Florida Real Estate 

Explore eXp Realty

We know you're excited to get started, so here is a checklist of the top seven things to do right now ​

From mentors, to new agents, to agent who just want to absorb all the knowledge they can, eXp University is for everyone! Ready to learn> Here are the three ways to get started today! 

Explore the upcoming events, classes, and meetings that take place in eXp World every week! 

Agent Attraction - 
Create Your Own "eXp"lained

Kristy has created a Google Form that mimics Gogo's "eXp"lained page.

  • Click the button bellow and click the "Make a Copy"button on the following page.

  • ​The form is now yours! Personalize it however you like :)

Michael Reese Onboarding Training

Click the button below to enroll in Michael Reese's Digital President Onboarding Training 

Have a quick question?

Feel free to ask here & I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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